Meet the Ladies



Cowboy’s Lil’ Persimmon Tree Gloriana (Gloria) -

Meet Gloria
Gloria is the pack leader around the farm & takes her job very seriously. She makes sure all the pups walk the straight & narrow. But don’t let her “Sargent” ways fool you, if you bring out a tennis ball she will play fetch for HOURS!!!!

Cowboy’s Lil’ Abberly -

Meet Abberly
Abberly is always up for a cuddle & a toss of her ball. Abberly has a beautiful show coat that you have to see to believe. She is a very devoted pup & follows “her person” everywhere

Cowboy’s Lil’ Emmy -

Meet Emmy
Ms. Emmy is super laid back & go with the flow kinda girl. She is great alone or running with the pack. She is one of our super easy girls

Kind K-9’s Lil’ Stella -

Meet Stella
Stella is the resident “pretty, pretty princess. She loves to be loved & her favorite thing to do is sleep with Maci at night.

Cowboy’s Lil Josey -

Meet Josey
Josey is the tomboy of our bunch. She loves to go running on the farm & she is currently learning to work cattle. She loves to work or learn new task daily. This girls got brains, brans, and beauty! Her babies tend to do best with an active family

Cowboy’s Lil’ Fanny -

Meet Fanny
Fanny is the daughter of Emmy & Cowboy. She is so fantastic we decided to keep her and have her as part of our breeding program. She is always happy & fluttering around the farm